Home is wherever I'm with you. {N&T}

Where do I even begin? I met Natalie through her older sister. Karlee and I became quick friends and have an incredible friendship that I will cherish forever. Natalie was home from college, and needed some headshots to send out as announcements that she was graduating from OSU! We instantly connected, and laughed, and trekked around in the forest behind Karlees house. Timmy was with her, and quickly, I knew that they were perfect for each other. Natalie and Timmy are two of the goofiest people I have ever known. They compliment each other so well in so many different ways, you'd believe that they'd known each other since they were little. They are quirky. They are hilarious. They are so in love. When they got engaged, and contacted me to photograph their engagement, I was smiling ear to ear. We wandered around Spokane Valley along the river, and it was easy to capture what is so special about them. The wedding came up quickly, and as I arrived to meet Timmy in the same place he proposed to her, to do the first look.... he was sweating. He was so nervous. You could just see how excited he was to marry the love of his life that day. I feel like it's evident how much these two adore each other. I was blessed to be able to privately witness them exchange vows, and I can tell you all right now.... I've ever experienced such a special intimate moment like that. Your wedding day was straight out of a fairy tale book, Timmy & Nat. I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I could not have enjoyed myself more, and I wish and bless you both with nothing but light and love. Your future together is so bright. <3