Speechless. (D&M)

It's always on a night like tonight
I think that you can read my mind
'Cause when you look at me with those eyes
I'm speechless
Staring at you, standing there in that dress
What it's doing to me, ain't a secret
'Cause watching you is all that I can do
And I'm speechless
You already know that you're my weakness
After all this time I'm just as nervous
Every time you walk into the room
I'm speechless

Every single wedding I photograph, I fall in love all over again with my job. I fall in love with the people I meet, with the decor, with the venues... with the light when it's just right. This wedding was no exception. But, this wedding POURED rain, all day from start to finish. BUT, the best part of these photos and memories we have created is that you literally would never know, because every ounce of happiness from every person apart of this day pours through each image.

These two love each other. And that is the understatement of the century. What they have is rare. I met Melissa a couple years ago, and it happened to be the day after her first date with DJ. She told me that day that she knew she was going to marry him. I always imagine that people "don't actually know" ..... but she knew. And he knew just as much. It's cliche - but it truly makes me believe that your person is really out there, and you just have to be patient. I loved getting to know both sides of their families - they were so incredibly gracious and warm to me.... and I loved getting to spend the day with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. All of love from all of these personalities is just overwhelming and humbling. Thank you both for making me apart of your family. I will never be able to thank you guys enough for having me be apart of this perfect day.