Where to start? 

Katelynn and I met when we both worked for a local Vet clinic. We spent countless mornings together at the break of dawn, exhausted, playing with baby animals. We became close, and so one day when she came in and started asking me questions about wedding photography, my heart smiled. She chose me! And I couldn't have been happier. I didn't meet Jake for awhile. She told me all these goofy stories about him, so while I felt like I knew him... I still didn't. I am always interested to meet the GROOM for the engagement session. It's the best way to tell how he's going to behave when it comes to photos on the wedding day. 

Jake was more into it than I think any of us were. He brought props. HE had ideas. And most of all, in every photo.... he looked at Katelynn like she was the only girl in the entire universe. Their love was so very apparent. Every young love makes people skeptical, but they were determined to prove everyone that it was real. They did. Their wedding day started off with a terrible dust storm, followed by a downpour. 3 o'clock rolled around and we all braved the outdoors to start the photos. I've never seen two people more enamored with each other than these two. Their vows to each other didn't leave a dry eye on the property. They are beautiful, and their love is beautiful. Their day was so much about their family too - and that just brought everything together. I hope these pictures do the event slight justice, because it really was such a wonderful memory for me as her friend to be apart of. Thank you both for including me, it means everything.