love never fails.

When you think of two people that SHOULD be together, you think of Genasee and Cole. Two people that completely compliment each other in the best ways possible. To each flaw, there is a smile. They prove to me that young love is possible, and that just maybe, everyone can have it. I was SO happy when Genasee started emailing me about her upcoming wedding. Her and I grew up together in highschool playing softball together. We fell out of touch like most teenagers do once you recieve the diploma, but it's so great how social media can bring you back together. The even crazier part of the story is that a mutual friend of ours, David (who I RANDOMLY ran into in a tiny burger joint in Seattle for the first time since graduation not too long ago)  ended up being Cole's roommate in college, who later introduced them which created their love story. The world is small, and I am so glad that these two incredibly humble, wonderful people found each other, and are now spending the rest of their lives together. The wedding was nothing short of stunning, and I felt so lucky to have been the one chosen to document the start of their new life together. Please enjoy these images. 

Till the end.  Thank you G & C from the bottom of my heart.     -Jaime

Till the end.

Thank you G & C from the bottom of my heart.


-Jaime - for bookings