steady as we go....

There aren't enough words to sum up how it feels being apart of a lifetime friends special day. Alex and I became friends in Elementary school, and have grown up an arms length apart. She has grown into a strong, beautiful and independent woman. And the most incredible mother.

And then she met Jeremy. It is like the world shifted. Being around these two, and seeing the love and support between each other is inspiring. But do you want to know what the most beautiful part of this story is? The love that Jeremy has for her son Braydon. It brings tears to my eyes going through these photos and seeing the love and family dynamic between the three of them. The world may not have originally brought you two together, but in the end, you are exactly where you were made to be. And you are raising the most beautiful little boy. My hat is off to you guys. You are the epitome of what every woman/man is looking for in a significant other/relationship. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for having me document the OFFICIAL start to your forever. 


I walk halfway around the world
Just to sit down by your side
And I would do most anything girl
To be the apple of your eye
Troubles they may come and go but good times never go
If the road gets rocky girl just steady as we go 

Anyplace you want to go you go you know
I'll be next to you treasure you're looking for
I've searched the whole world
Through the trouble they may come and go but good times never go
So if the road gets rocky girl just steady as we go 

When the storm comes shelter me
I don't say a word anymore and you know exactly what I mean
In the darkest times you shine on me
Set me free forgive me
Steady as we go
So if you heart runs dry my love
I will fill your cup
And if your load gets heavy girl
I will lift you up
But troubles they may come and go
But good times be the gold
So if the road gets rocky girl
Just steady as we go 

Shine shine, shine on me hey"

I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms <3

Where do I start? This was over 2 years in the making.  I found out that Kayla had previously worked at the dog daycare I took my crazy husky to, making it already a small world. We instantly connected and I felt very bonded to her from when we first took their engagement photos. This wedding day was nothing short of everything a girl could dream for. From the dress, to the venue... to the love between the bride and groom.... this was a photographers dream too. Words can't express how blessed I felt to be apart of this day, and how I will cherish these memories as one of my favorite weddings I've ever been apart of. Thank you for letting me feel like a part of your families, and thank you for choosing me to document this incredible day for you guys. Forever friends.

Tale as old as time... <3

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight...Lead me out on the moonlit floor. Lift you open hand, strike up the band, and make the fireflies dance silvermoon's sparkling....So kiss me... <3

If you could envision the perfect backyard wedding... this would be it. Between the love these two have for each other, and all of the love the families already have for one and other... you felt right at home. Home is a great word I feel for these two, because they radiate it. They fit, and truly compliment each other in all of the ways you see in the movies. True love truly exists. Finding a partner, a best friend... and your soulmate is something that is possible. I hope that you can all see that through these beautiful images. These two ... it was just wonderful. Thank you for having me be apart of your day. Maxey & Jeff... I hope you know how lucky you are.... You guys are one in a million.... 

N + S = Forever

Sheena, you were such a beautiful bride. From start to finish, your boho backwood beautiful dream wedding is one of the books. I can honestly say I have never had more fun being out in the middle of nowhere. You gave me the most perfect backdrop, and shared such beautiful memories with me, and your loved ones. You and Nick are the epitome of adorable and I am so thankful to know you've found forever within each other. I love you and your family, and hope nothing but the best for you two. 

Oh Happy Daehns!

M&Z .... You two are a riot. I love the love you have for each other, but first and foremost - your friendship. This day was so special and I know first hand how much this day meant to you, and your families. It was beautiful. Effortless. Timeless. You two are perfect for one and other and I couldn't have been more grateful to kick off 2017 with you. Much love!

B&B, the start to forever

Dear Britt & Brett,

I hope you know how much it means to me when a close friend of mine asks me to not only witness their big day, but to document it. Everything could and tried to go wrong that day, but you both just let it roll off of your backs, and enjoyed every moment of each other, and your family & friends surrounding you. You are beautiful individuals, and I know it's cliche sounding... but you're perfect individuals for each other. You compliment each other in a way not many do. Thank you for having me create such beautiful images and thank you for being my friends. 

A big shout out to those who helped with the little (but very important) things....

Location: Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Make up: Alyssa Walsh, Hair: Tara Fromm

The skies above are blue...

....My heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you.... <3

When you meet another person that you so oddly connect with....It makes days like this so much more special. I met Megan a little over 2 years ago, and she instantly became one of the best humans I know. She is the most kind, genuine, heart warming soul that walks this earth. She will do anything for anyone and not think twice about it. She puts everyone before herself. Knowing that she had found a best friend in Mike, someone that lets her be her, and never takes her for granted is the best thing to be apart of. 

Now to get to the mushy stuff. You two fit each other so perfectly, and make me believe that "true love" exists. I am not just saying that. I envy the familiarity and the constant push to make it work from you both. The work is what makes it last. The way you compliment each other, build each other up, and help each other achieve your dreams inspires us all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and then some!!!! .... for letting me be apart of your start to forever. It was such a beautiful and elegant day. I appreciate it more than you know. It was so fun!!! 

Your love, it's my truth.

I've always wanted to photograph  a wedding in the Palouse. This wedding couldn't have made my dreams come more true. Our setting was the BEAUTIFUL Latah Schoolhouse, which is a place I recommend considering for your event. The staff did such an incredible job, I can't say enough good things about them. 

I met Rachel and Taylor last year when they hired me to do their fun engagement photos with their puppies. If anyone knows me, telling me you want me to play with your dogs for an hour while doing what I love is the way to my heart. These two are a GORGEOUS couple... and I mean GORGEOUS. They made my job very easy... more so, because they are so incredibly and genuinely in love with each other that it was obvious. They were my 3rd to last wedding of the season, and I have to tell you - it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever witnessed. They both shared what they loved most about one and other, but made it apparent that their strong bond would hold them through anything. Their beautiful families shared beautiful words with us all as well,  and really set the bar. I hope you both know how much you have inspired me in my own relationship just from sharing that day with you. I can't say thank you enough. Much love.

...and I thought I loved you then

Rain or shine, these two were determined to have the most magical day possible. I feel they exceeded expectations. The beautiful vows surrounded us all while we shared this special day filled with joy and family. Kristina - you made one stunning bride, and you and your groom deserve a forever filled with all of the love the world can offer. I hope the two of you know how truly blessed you are to have found another soul so compatible for the other. Relish in your new journey and enjoy every second of it. I wish you two nothing but the best, thank you for such a fun rainy lovely day. I will never forget it! 

In my life - I love you more.

To my dear friends Cody and Katie -

Watching two people raise a child in love is so inspiring to me. Knowing Cody my entire life, and seeing him marry the love of his life - is even more inspiring. The good, the goofy, the family bond you have created and embraced gives me hope and makes me look forward to my future. Please know how incredibly deserving the two of you are, and know that you'll have my support forever. Here is to you two and your beautiful baby girl making your family just a little bit more official than it already was, and here is to your bright journey full of happiness and love...and lots of laughter. 

Love knows no barriers

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate then when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

I am so thankful to know this family. I have been apart of two weddings now, Rick's son Rhett got married last year in Kauai, and I was lucky enough to be apart of it... and now Rick has found his mate for his soul. Kim, you were one of the most exquisite brides i've ever had the pleasure of working with. The entire day was magic. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your perfect day. Much love.

Home is wherever I'm with you.

I love referrals. It's what I live for. It's the biggest compliment a photographer can get in my opinion. I was so blessed to meet these two gorgeous humans that happened to be neighbors with some of my closest friends, who I was lucky enough to be apart of their wedding last May in Kauai. Ken and Jenn made my job easy - obviously. They had beautiful ideas, and beautiful children that they joined together as one family. I couldn't have been more happy to be chosen to document your perfect day. Good luck on your beautiful journey, you two! 

at love has come along.

Katherine and Ian are the epitome of hard work and dedication. Their love for each other was patient and kind, and it led them to this beautiful day of their life together. Held at the Lincoln Center, in Spokane, WA... they exchanged vows and they couldn't have been any sweeter. Thank you for allowing me to document your sweet love, and your sweet wedding day. Heres to you both!

30 years in the making

I met Laurie on a whim, and I couldn't have been more excited to. Her eyes lit up as she told me a little about the story of her and her husband Dale, and how they'd been planning this 30th anniversary party. I'd been to the Bozarth Mansion one time prior, but really hadn't been able to explore the grounds to see how truly beautiful it was. Simple, sweet, elegant. That was their day. The weather gave us a scare, but ended up turning into one of the most gorgeous fall nights Spokane has had in a while. every single friend/family member I encountered during this special evening treated me with nothing but kindness. Their love and devotion...and determination really proves that marriage can work and last if you are willing to put in the work. I hope some day I can throw a gorgeous party for my friends and family to come celebrate my love. Thank you to you both from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be apart of this day. It meant so much to me. 


Where to start? 

Katelynn and I met when we both worked for a local Vet clinic. We spent countless mornings together at the break of dawn, exhausted, playing with baby animals. We became close, and so one day when she came in and started asking me questions about wedding photography, my heart smiled. She chose me! And I couldn't have been happier. I didn't meet Jake for awhile. She told me all these goofy stories about him, so while I felt like I knew him... I still didn't. I am always interested to meet the GROOM for the engagement session. It's the best way to tell how he's going to behave when it comes to photos on the wedding day. 

Jake was more into it than I think any of us were. He brought props. HE had ideas. And most of all, in every photo.... he looked at Katelynn like she was the only girl in the entire universe. Their love was so very apparent. Every young love makes people skeptical, but they were determined to prove everyone that it was real. They did. Their wedding day started off with a terrible dust storm, followed by a downpour. 3 o'clock rolled around and we all braved the outdoors to start the photos. I've never seen two people more enamored with each other than these two. Their vows to each other didn't leave a dry eye on the property. They are beautiful, and their love is beautiful. Their day was so much about their family too - and that just brought everything together. I hope these pictures do the event slight justice, because it really was such a wonderful memory for me as her friend to be apart of. Thank you both for including me, it means everything.

Our love story is my favorite (A+E)

You know what has been extraordinary? Watching their love actually blossom. I met Aundrea and Erik through one of my old friends who also happened to be living in the same area as me in California when I made my move a few years ago. They were a new relationship, and I took their first professional photos together. Then came their anniversary, and I took some more. We both parted ways from California and somehow ended up back in Washington together.

And then the email came... they were having a wedding and they wanted me to document that too! I felt so honored. We planned for over a year. Finally the day before their ceremony came... and Washington was on fire. I planned to drive the 6 hours West the night before, but right before I was supposed to leave they declared the air unsafe and the general public was told to remain indoors. I am not kidding, you couldn't see more than 5 feet in front of you. So being the ridiculous person I am, I set my alarm for 3:30 am hoping that it would clear by then, cutting it extremely close. It hadn't cleared AT ALL. I started the drive anyway, determined to not even worry about it and just power through. 3 hours into the drive, the smoke was creeping into the car so badly that I had a full allergy attack and had to pull off of the road for awhile. I have never been so sick to my stomach from a smell. I gathered myself, pumped myself full of my inhaler and started the drive again. The road was missing. I couldn't see anything ahead of me more than 10 feet... stressed out and panicking that I wasn't going to make it on time, let alone at all....I finally got to Snoqualmie Pass. I drove up, and it was like a whole other world. If you've never been to Snoqualmie or the North Cascades, I truly recommend that you take the time and do it. It's magical.

I made it to Graham, WA with an hour to spare before the pictures needed to begin... and I am not kidding you - I could not have been happier to be there. Their love and devotion together really drives it home to a person and makes you realize nothing else in this world matters. They have been through countless moves, deployments, and now are finally able to start their life full of love together. I am just wanting to take a moment to say THANK YOU to them for showing us how it's done... and showing us that no matter what... make it work. Stick it out. Each person deserves a love like this, and I love that they are my example.


Here's to you, Aundrea and Erik.